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Looking for a way to build business relationships? Look no further and start using AI or artificial intelligence! Read this article and discover more information!

If you were wondering how to build important business relationships, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to present you the importance of using AI or Artificial Intelligence.

In order to prove to you why AI is so important, we talked to the Chief Technology Officer or CTP and Founder of – the one and only Steve Woods. Steve shared his experience with us and told us that Artificial Intelligence helped him build business relationships through network insights and awareness.

The key points of this article are:

  • Your focus needs to be on how you can guide your potential audience of customers along the way. You don’t need to focus on planning an AI strategy, instead, you need a marketing and a sales strategy.
  • At the end of the day, we are all trying to produce more profit. The most effective method to do that is to understand social proximity, intention, and what or who is directing the behavior and the decisions of your target group.
  • The businesses are built on relationships and these relationships are built on small additive interactions.

As we said, we talked to Steve Woods, the CTO for This is a business that utilized AI or Artificial Intelligence to help improve or develop business relationships through network insights and awareness. From the small talk with Steve, we’ve learned that entrepreneurship and business building is not a simple process. The business relationships are built one a time. The same goes with the trust. Keep in mind – it is always one small interaction at a time. Btw is an incredible tool, it provides exponential value for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build, develop, and nurture business relationships.

We asked Steve, who has a background and it is well introduced to Artificial Intelligence, at which point of his life he said to himself – Okay, now I’m going to build a company that utilized AI to efficiently deliver business related information and insights to increase sales.

Building business relationships

Working as a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Eloqua, Steve said that the founding team at Eloqua went pretty deep into the marketing zone, in order to create a platform that is focused on processing insights and data and the discipline of these metrics. The end goal was to see how marketing approached the B2B organizations or business-to-business organizations.

According to Steve, it was pretty interesting to see how various complementary technologies, when used in the right way could change a discipline that has been used for years. And we think that we can all agree that marketing went through an enormous transformation which is very interesting and fascinating at the same time. This motivated the Eloqua people to use a similar approach for solving real business problems and challenges. But, when his time at Eloqua came to an end, Steve started looking for his next big project and business opportunity. With his experience in marketing or more specifically in marketing automation, the sales space and building business relationships were definitely the next steps he took.

Building business relationships is extremely important, especially in the entrepreneurial world. The businesses bring different nodes of information and contacts to the overall networks. So, if you want to make the building business relationships process a little bit easier you can always start using With the right marketing and sales strategy, you can easily move your business to the next level! For more tips and information about business strategies you can checkout this article by Shopify.


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