4 Incredible Benefits of Implementing Competitive Strategies When Building Business

19 Jul , 2017 News

4 Incredible Benefits of Implementing Competitive Strategies When Building Business

Traditional business strategies focused a lot on controlling, mastering and crushing their competition. Focusing on crashing or eliminating the competition can be costly since businesses lose focus on the endless opportunities to expand customer value. For instance, Microsoft declared thermonuclear war on Google’s Android OS. Although Steve Jobs was awarded $1 billion in compensation, the company lost in the long run due to backlash from customers. The long-term consequences of focusing on eliminating the competition can be dire. The best way to approach competition is to formulate the best competitive strategies that take advantage of market gaps to create products that bring value to customers. Here are advantages of implementing competitive strategies in your business:

For any business owner to implement effective competitive strategies, they must get to grips with the industry’s ins and outs. By comprehensively learning about the entrepreneurship industry, business owners can make informed decisions and enhance the possibilities of success in the business world.

  • Enables formulation of stronger action plans to enhance the process of building business

When businesses focus on eliminating the competition, they fail to plan as effectively as they could. Lack of effective plans can make a business to operate without direction, which can be costly in the long run. A business without competitive strategies not only risks loss of control, but closure as well.

  • Enables elaborate communication of business goals for greater success in entrepreneurship world

Competitive strategies clearly outline the path of the business and where it hopes to culminate. By creating and implementing competitive strategies, businesses can easily communicate the goals of the organization to employees. Proper communication of business goals means business owners are able to get all employees on board and on the same page to focus on long term prospects of the business. This will foster steady and faster growth.

  • Greatly improves the odds of success in building business

Although statistics exist of businesses that have implemented competitive strategies and failed, the possibilities are thin compared to businesses that focus a lot on eliminating the competition. Through creation and implementation of competitive strategies, an organization can mightily increase its odds of success in the business jungle.


Although competition based on elimination of competition still exists in the 21st century, majority of businesses today are implementing competitive strategies that tap and exploit the endless opportunities to grow customer value. Such businesses have proven the effectiveness of these competitive strategies by registering overwhelming customer loyalty and staggering sales.

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